The Culture War Plays - Book Launch

Published on 3 November 2014 at 13:58

Introducing   a   new   collection    of    plays

by   American    Playwright    Scot    Lahaie

Three plays. Three hotly-contested social issues. One powerful collection.

Political and religious ideologies collide in DOGFALL as a suicide doctor and his rival grapple for the political high ground. The resulting tempest of venomous philosophy and twisted dogma make it difficult to separate zealot from ideologue. Winner of the Getchell Award, this play is an unflinching exploration of the political and social morass of the right-to-die debate in America today.

Religious creeds crumble in PURGING MARY when the wife of a white, southern right-to-life crusader is raped and impregnated by a black man. Forced by inbred bigotry to reconsider his ethical position, the crusader sets out on a journey that has the power to destroy everything he holds dear. This tightly-written play is an uncompromising exploration of the political and social intricacies of abortion-on-demand in America.

In GLORIA DEI, a court order allows a brain-dead woman to die of starvation, but she is poisoned before her body gives way to deprivation. A priest is accused of the crime. Is it murder or mercy killing? Forced to stand against the tyranny of an unethical judicial system, the priest risks everything to find justice for his friend and retribution for the courts that starved her. This powerful courtroom drama is an unapologetic exploration of the toxic mire of the right-to-life debate.

Published by Clay Tablet Creative

The Culture War Plays: Dogfall, Purging Mary, Gloria Dei. 
By Scot Lahaie
ISBN: 978-1-312-13434-8
Publication Date: October 2014
Published by Clay Tablet Creative
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© 2014 by the author.

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