Dogfall in Production

Published on 3 November 2003 at 15:04

DOGFALL: an award-winning stage play written by Scot Lahaie. 

Dr. Jake McKenzie, Dallas’ famed suicide doctor, is on trial. Mike Howard, a vigilante from the far political right, plays judge, jury, and executioner to the kidnapped doctor. Political and religious ideologies collide as the two urban titans grapple for the political high ground, even for their very lives. The resulting tempest of venomous philosophy and twisted dogma make it difficult to separate predator from prey or zealot from ideologue. But when the doctor’s darkest secret comes to light, both characters are thrown into turmoil, forcing the play to its frightful conclusion. Laced with humor, DOGFALL is an unflinching exploration of the political and social morass of the right-to-die debate in America today.

The Cast of Characters:
MIKE HOWARD, a right-wing radical. Twenty-eight years old.
JAKE MCKENZIE, Dallas’ famed suicide doctor. Sixty-one years old.
MRS. BANOCEK, Mike’s elderly neighbor.

Production History for Dogfall

  • Completed in 2002, DOGFALL was first workshopped in Gardner-Webb University’s Playwright’s Workshop in 2003 starring Matthew Winning as Mike and Karl Mosbacher as Dr. McKenzie. 
  • The play was presented as a staged reading at North Carolina Wesleyan University and at the NCTC state convention in November 2004. 
  • It was also presented in Greensboro, North Carolina by the Playwrights Forum as part of their annual NC New Play Project.
  • The play received its professional premiere at the North Carolina Stage Company in Asheville, NC in January 2011 as part of their Catalyst Series. The play was produced by the Sanguine Theatre Troupe and starred Brad Archer as Mike.

Honors & Awards for Dogfall

DOGFALL has received the following Awards & Honors:

  • Southeastern Theatre Conference’s (SETC) Charles Getchel New Play Award (2004/05).
  • The Mark Gilbert New Play Award for 2005 awarded by the Greensboro (NC) Playwright’s Forum and selected for production in the annual NC New Play Project.
  • North Carolina Theatre Conference’s (NCTC) New Play Award for 2004.
  • Semi-Finalist in Edward Albee’s Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2004.
  • The play was first published in Southern Theatre Magazine in 2005.


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